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Our Cross-border Investment Model

Local Value-Added Investor

Traditional expansion models for startups in LatAm often involve lengthy processes and resource-intensive efforts. The XBV model offers a streamlined approach by partnering with a local investor who brings extensive market knowledge and is aligned with the startup's interests, simplifying the growth and expansion process.

Strategic Sector Focus

We focus on sectors like healthcare, cybersecurity and agriculture where our team's expertise meets our LPs, advisors, and network’s strength. This ensures both in-depth knowledge and valuable connections, maximizing the potential for our portfolio companies.

Friendly Co-investor

XBV is your gateway to a dynamic investment ecosystem. By co-investing with top VC funds globally, our platform cultivates a virtuous cycle, granting us access to leading startups. Known as a friendly investor, we offer a clear value-added proposition, enabling us to nurture promising startups at every stage of their development.

Positive Impact Model

XBV champions a positive impact model that not only fosters growth in the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem but also enriches it through global knowledge exchange. Our investment approach generates local job opportunities, imparts valuable skills to local teams, and directly impacts our priority sectors. By focusing on these critical areas, we strive to improve lives and create lasting change in the region.

Our History

Established in 2014 as a cross-border venture capital fund, XB Ventures has been a strategic partner to visionary entrepreneurs and innovative teams, shaping groundbreaking advancements in various sectors. From revolutionizing healthcare to pioneering technologies that redefine industries, we stand alongside exceptional minds in driving transformative change. With unwavering dedication, we continue to collaborate with extraordinary founders, fueling progress towards a brighter tomorrow.

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